International / Country Membership

Darwin Golf Club offers International Memberships for overseas residents.

Are you a frequent visitor to Australia, or perhaps planning an extended visit to the land down under?

Our International Membership may be just the package for you!

By becoming a member of Darwin Golf Club you not only get all the benefits associated with being a member of our club, but you also get access to play on over 100 golf courses around Australia, New Zealand and Asia with whom our members have reciprocal playing rights!

The cost of International Membership of Darwin Golf Club is only $600 per year!

For this amount you get:

  • Full access to use all the facilities of our club;
  • Right to enter and compete in all our weekly competitions;
  • No green fee payment; and
  • Access to over 100 golf courses in Australasia.

View a list of current Reciprocal Clubs.

The low cost of our International Membership means that there are a few restrictions on the membership

  • Your primary place of residence must be outside Australia;
  • You have no voting rights on club matters;
  • You are not eligible to win Club Championships; and
  • Your membership is restricted to 12 playing days per year at each golf course.

For more details or to apply for International Membership please contact our friendly office staff