Hole 18

Playing Tips

You’re nearly home so don’t blow this one. The bigger hitters can carry the bunker to the right from the tee. If you’re not sure then a three wood is the club to play. The second shot should also be a three wood, or maybe a five wood to come up short of the two fairway bunkers on the left just to be safe. A short iron should be all you need to be nicely on the green. Be warned however, this is a narrow green, and has a very steep slope front left, anything short will roll back off the green on this side. Now, if you managed to hold the green, knock in the putt to finish with a birdie.

Out of bounds: First 200m left of the fairway.

Hole 18 map

Hole Statistics

White Tee Par 5 478 m 11

Red Tee Par 5 428 m 4